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Admissions for boarding and day schools, UK universities, including bachelors, masters and PhD courses.

Educational consultation in all aspects including English courses and complicated scenarios.

We deliver commercial, residential assets, close protection, install maintenance, human and cargo secured transportation by car, air and sea globally. Individual surveillance, assets retrieval.

We Buy/Sell on and off market, residential and commercial properties. We can provide properties for long/short let. Management of the properties (servicing, security etc).

We are specialised in development finance, mortgages, business investments, bridge finance or re-finance for single or multi assets.

We develop new businesses, upgrading existing ones, provide required finance or re-finance. Professional marketing and Global awareness.




As a company we pride ourselves on guiding students through their academic studies ensuring that they are well advised, prepared and funded for the challenges that lay ahead. We work with an array of financial and educational companies to better engage with our students. We offer educational consultation wherever it is needed.


Overseas Studies

We support students from Overseas gain distinguished qualifications along with excellent experiences. Our team works with organisations from around the world to prepare these students with the best sources and information available. We understand that living and studying abroad can be hard work, therefore JQ acts as an adviser to relieve some of the pressure.





GCSE to Higher Education, we support English and Overseas students in their academic studies.


Specialized consultation with English courses.


We offer fantastic educational consultation around the clock.

Strong reputation with right individual contacts and companies allow us to get into unknown areas fast and provide swift execution with positive outcome. We learn new areas every time we get new request which results in unique data base.


Housing possibilities

Whether you are looking to buy or sell market residential or commercial homes, JQ provides an all round service to suit your needs. We provide properties for either a long or short term basis. We are a dedicated team with an in-depth knowledge of the property market, ready to set you up with the perfect property.


Managing your property

When it comes to managing your property there are a few things to take into account. Our security and service management ensures that these buildings are maintained, to keep our standards at their highest. We work with specialist tradesman with years of experience to deliver excellent results.


A portfolio of private, residential and commercial properties.

Working with our affiliates we ensure a safe and healthy living environment. We tailor our security to the needs of the client and of the property. Each security package has been designed with you in mind.

Our Properties


Purchase and Sale


Purchase and Sale

Short Rent

and Long Rent

Business Development

Business Growth

In order to grow a successful business, you need a team behind you who offers excellent financial advise, spanning many platforms. We take your business idea and tailor it to your needs as a client. Our specialized services can take your business to the next level, to reach your goals and ultimately increase profit.


Professional Marketing

JQ Services are a team skilled in many areas of business development and professional marketing. We are dedicated to research and communication, managing customer relationships and evolving brands. We cover marketing activities and develop communications globally. We direct clients through either their existing or future business propositions and organise the funds. We assist with cash flow forecasts to see the day to day workings of your company.

Cash flow forecasts will predict your outgoings and incomes ensuring that there wont be any surprises around the corner. We turn your dream into a reality.


We take your ideas and turn them into well structured and financed business, offering an all round expert service.


We are with you every step of the way assisting with forecasts and competitor analysis.


Our professional marketing team ensures that your business will be globally recognised.

Private Hire

Security and Safety

No crowd too big! We take your safety into our hands with every aspect of security. Whether you require close protection, install maintenance or cargo secured transportation we can achieve it.  Our pro-active approach to every assignment means we'll get to know you and your requirements, and tailor a solution to fit your needs and budget.



If you are searching for a security service in and around London, then look no further than JQ. We deliver the highest quality security services at fair and affordable prices, maintaining customer relationships. Our company offers you peace of mind, ensuring that you are being provided with the best service available.



Business Investments

If you believe in your venture, then so do we. We provide flexible funding solutions that will suit your development. Whether it be a small renovation or office blocks, JQ will support you through the project, ensuring we get it right first time.


Bridge Finance

If you need funds to bridge the gap before any long time financial assistance can be secured, we can help! We offer Bridging loans to specific financial developments; for example light property refurbishment or auction bought establishments. Our qualified team and affiliates aim to secure funds as swiftly as possible, with your project in mind.


We offer financial services and business consultation tailored to your project.